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Questaal Hands-On Course

Questaal News For those of you interested in getting some hands-on experience with the Questaal code, STFC Daresbury Laboratory in the UK will be hosting a tutorial course May 16-19, 2017. The full call is listed below. This workshop will be run by Mark van Schilfgaarde (main Questaal package developer), Leon Petit, Martin Lueders, and Myrta Gruening. A primary focus of the hands-on workshop will be on quasi-particle self-consistent GW (QSGW) theory and its applications. Read More›

papers · QSGW – Examples

Quasiparticle Self-Consistent GW

Questaal News Metal-organic perovskite solar cells, CH3NH3PbI3 (MAPI) in particular, have attracted much attention recently because of their high power conversion efficiency and potential low cost. Read More›

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Dynamical Mean Field Theory

Questaal News Density-Functional theory, while being immensely popular thanks to its simplicity, nevertheless is limited in its reliability. The QuasiParticle Self-Consistent GW approximation, while more demanding than DFT, is vastly more reliable than DFT, or GW theory based on DFT, for calculation of optical properties in weakly correlated systems. Read More›

papers · IMPG – Examples

Principal Layer Green’s Functions

Questaal News Many spintronic devices to emerge in recent years consist of spin transport through alternating, nanosized metallic layers Read More›

papers · LMTO – Examples

Green’s Functions LMTO

Questaal News A new concept for very fast electronic devices has emerged in recent years. Called JMRAM, it relies on the rotation of the phase of a Cooper pair wave function when it passes through a thin magnetic layer. Read More›